I felt that your desire was to improve my audio world and not just trying to sell me hearing aids. I liked being able to try them and hear the options that were available. I like the feeling that a phone call from myself was welcome at any time. You made me feel welcome.

- M. Parrott

It feels really good to be in the real world again, as I was missing half of the conversation!

- A. Lebeau

I am very please with the services and would recommend her to anyone who would need hearing aids.

- E. Szymesko

Lisa is wonderfully understanding and patient. Extremely knowledgeable about hearing technology and very helpful. Thank you so much.

- K. Wright

I was very impressed with the options in regards to performance expected and costs.

- K. Marshall

I am very pleased so far. The services provided have been very good; checked often to see if the hearing aids were working properly and I felt they gave me ample time to make a decision.

- E. Robertson

I was given the best service in this country!

- L. Kucharski

I don't know what I would do without my hearing aids anymore. I have had my hearing loss since I can remember...I was so young that I remember looking up at the specialists and then back at my parents and the specialists telling my parents, "There's nothing we can do for her." ...
And the ringing has been non-stop, I don't have a clue what 'silence' is and I doubt I ever will. These hearing aids have given me a break from the ringing though, relief essentially. Everyone around me tells me how much better I hear with my hearing aids, they've noticed a difference as I have too. It took time and patience but it was worth it.
I wear them; I use them; I live with them.

- Lisa - Owner of Innovative Hearing Technology

Very personable, and helpful! Very good and professional.

- K. Gaudet at Rossburn Personal Care Home

The service was excellent, and I felt like I was being treated first class throughout all the assessments. It was fun getting my first custom made hearing protection as well!

- D. Michalyshyn

I think that it is wonderful that you come to the customer, more comfortable in your own home than in the office. Also great for seniors with mobility issues. You also gave me some great suggestions for my father as he is having a lot of problems with his current aids.

- F. Turner

Loved that you came to my house. Thanks for giving up part of your Saturday!

- V. Gormley

I am very happy with Lisa. - I can now hear

- M. Davidson

Awesome service with awesome results. Can't thank you enough!

- C. Michie

I was very pleased with my experience. So convenient for me as I live in a retirement home. Coming to my apartment for the testing was incredible. Lisa was outstanding before, during and after the test.

- J. Lewis

Did Innovative Hearing Technology deliver the results and quality that were promised?
A: More than expected
Did we listen, lean, and then execute solutions to overcome challenges?
A: More than expected
The overall service was...
A: More than expected
Client Comments:
Thanks for coming to my place! See you again sometime!

- T. Hage

Test was very good, best test I have had. Hearing has improved so much!

- D. Reid

Never had an ear/hearing test before and it was more in-depth than I expected. It was nice to have it done in our home. Very convenient. I felt the test and what I learned was worthwhile.

- C. Douglas

Well Done!!

- A. Smith

Excellent service and procedures explained very well for understanding.

- F. Scott

The overall service was more than expected!

- S. Pawlowski

I was really impressed with my examination. I thank you for your honesty.

- M. Gilbert